Abstract: literature, questionnaires and other methods in 10 universities in Shandong Province, 300 public bodies to conduct a survey of teachers, analyzed the existing problems and research the background of physical education teachers, the study concluded PE teachers need to have features.

Keywords: Teachers College Research

1, subjects and methods. 1.1 Subjects: Universities in Shandong Province 300 10 Physical Education Teachers in the study. 1.2 Methods: 1.2.1 literature: journals indexed by Web queries and the methods to collect documents related to nearly 20 monographs, were analyzed. 1.2.2 Survey method: preparation of a teacher questionnaire, including Education Teaching theory, Physical Education and Art, Physical Education and the three aspects of teaching and research, compliance validation. 300 questionnaires, 292 questionnaires, of which 282 valid questionnaires, 94% efficiency.

2, research and analysis. 2.1 Research Definition of physical education teachers: research specialist physical education teachers do not mean out of the physical education teachers, but rather in the teaching process, to actively reflect on their teaching behaviors, active absorption of educational science and industry experience, in a timely manner identify problems, and actively explore and study, propose a new practical method, and constantly improve their education and teaching teachers. 2.2 Status of Physical Education teachers. Through investigation and analysis of the problems as follows: 2.2.1 Shandong Province the title of PE teachers in the age

Can see that the age structure of PE teachers, great changes have taken place in 35 years of age increasing proportion of young teachers have been accounted for 61.4%. Professors, associate professors, lecturers, teaching assistants ratio 1:7:11:16 title structure. From a macro point of view, teachers echelon, are largely reasonable, but the professor is obviously too low, and older, while the instructor, teaching assistant ratio is too high. Therefore, the training of young teachers is more prominent. 2.2.2 PE teachers in Shandong Province, the level of scientific research situation. 282 PE teachers from the past five years, survey research and understand the situation, were published in education, scientific research paper 705, which is not an article or publish an article, teachers were 23.2% and 30.3%; published 2, 3 teachers accounted for 15.2% and 17.5%; published four, five teachers account for 8.8% and 6.9%; published five or more accounted for 3.5% of teachers and more teachers are basically an associate professor. This indicates that the majority of the current ordinary colleges and universities the number of articles published in less physical education teachers, research capacity is relatively weak. 2.2.3 Physical Education Teacher Education lags behind, the knowledge structure was simple. In reply to: “What do you think has the education and teaching physical education to meet the requirements theory”, the think that the total energy of 7.5%; basic energy accounted for 87.5%, can not account for 5%. “If you can with the Era of education to learn new teaching theory to improve their quality?” That can completely account for 9.6%; the basic energy of 29%, can not be accounted for 61.4%. This shows that teachers in “child rest on our laurels,” concepts of education can not keep up in the new situation of physical education in China the pace of development, only to meet the original theoretical level, prevalence of the slow renovation of education philosophy, knowledge narrow, lack of relevant disciplines, interdisciplinary knowledge of the situation, even if further studies also mainly focus on the improvement of sports expertise, while learning in the course of some educational theory is not enough, the teacher’s knowledge structure in the formation of a congenital deficiency, which makes PE teachers in particular just entered the job of the young teachers, for the true perception of teaching activities are often superficial, in the actual instructional design and teaching organization powerless. 2.2.4 PE teachers do not pay attention to studying the art of teaching, the development of a lack of tension. Traditional “motor skills” values-service physical education teachers to pay more attention to sports Technology Raising the level of the neglect of teaching methods and art to master and studying. In reply: “As ideas behind the teaching of theoretical uncertainty and other factors, physical education teaching art in the actual loss. You think there is such a phenomenon?” That accounted for 69.3% lot; accounted for some 15.4%, not 15.3%.

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