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Products are expected to have a shelf-life period of the. According to
Home Appliances
Maintenance Association, on appliance repair, “shelf life” of the relevant industry standards are being submitted for approval, may be introduced next year.

Enterprise maintenance and support of custom

It is understood that, because the state has not yet household appliances maintenance “shelf life” introduce relevant legislation, consumer appliances repeated if the experience of maintenance, often much dig money wasted, in case of consumer disputes, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers not be effectively protected. Vice president of Chinese home appliance repair, said Chi-Bing Guo, household appliances maintenance durability, neither the State nor the provisions of industry standards, so this has been mainly based on custom business. Most companies are currently under maintenance durability variety, 1 month to 3 months, have six months or a year or even two or three weeks.

Learned that, due to lack of relevant regulations, standards, enterprises in this area is fragmented, often leads to consumer disputes. The maintenance of high quality lead to three main reasons for complaints in respect of the maintenance staff, quality is not high, and second, second lowest quality of individual enterprises to use the zero
Or deliberately left hidden Furthermore, some repair shops are not familiar with the brand appliance features.

According to “Chinese consumers reported that” survey found that most enterprises repaired new replacement parts for products and even new “shelf life” products are from the date of purchase, rather than from the date of re-update calculation. In this regard, experts believe that, whether new products or for new for the main components, as long as is consistent with the national “three guarantees” conditions should be based on “three guarantees” to replace the provisions of the date of re-calculated from the “three guarantees” period.

Next year or the introduction of relevant laws and regulations

Appliance maintenance services as more complex, more difficult to develop uniform standards are not small. Maintenance is the result of not only the level of maintenance personnel, accountability, quality replacement parts, but also with the product and the use of running time, maintenance, renewal parts are closely related, therefore, maintenance of shelf-life after difficult to develop a uniform standard. But by the Association of Chinese home appliance repair and drafted the relevant industry standards based on product maintenance complexities, respectively, to develop a maintenance durability, it is learned online publicity period has ended, are approved of, and is expected to be introduced next year.

Red Bing Guo said that although the standard is a recommendation of industry standards and not having strong
Used in the short term there will be no immediate effect, but to enhance consumer rights awareness, but also strengthening corporate responsibility, improve service levels, while also for the consumer association, industry and commerce to provide dispute resolution information, Therefore, the normative role of the market in future will be able to be displayed.
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