There is no problem if a single parent wants to start dating again. In fact it’s good if they give a thought to it, as it’ll help them come over the loneliness they might be going through. It’s not easy, but it’s not even impossible. Don’t stop yourself from starting a new life of you own. You just have to be very careful before making any decisions.

So if you are a single parent and want to start dating again then follow these below mentioned tips and bring back that magic in your life-

oRelationships should be a common and a frequent topic at home. Have open end discussions with your child about it. It’s very important to keep the air clear between you and your child so that it is easier for you to talk about your dating ideas. Make your teen a good listener and vice versa. This will definitely create a positive environment at home place.

oGive your teen the first priority. Be aware of the needs and desires of your child but don’t sacrifice your own because of that. Simply, put your family as the top precedence.

oTry and keep your date away from home for sometime until you are sure about the relationship. Don’t let the feeling arise in your teens that things are changing in the house. It’s not imperative for them to meet each person you are dating.

oDon’t disrespect the feelings of your teen regarding the situation. It can sometimes come hard on your child that you are dating. So try and give them some space and respect their feelings.

oHave a date with your kids at least once a month. Show them how important they are by spending some quality time alone with your teen. Do things that they love doing and express your care from time to time.

oDon’t compare your dating with their dating. Keep both the issues separate and avoid all kind of comparisons.

oKeep some things personal. Your teens need not know about you being sexually active with your date. Try and keep some distance in these matters.

oDon’t weaken your position. Finally what’s real is that you are the parent and the adult in the house and you are the ultimate decision maker. Take opinions but follow your own instincts.

oRespect yourself. Don’t disrepute yourself even if you are dating. There is no harm in doing so and you have the full rights even if you are a single parent. There is no reason to feel guilty about. Honor yourself and so will the kids. Also make your choice about the date very carefully. Select the one who loves you as well as respects you.

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