If you have a teenage girl in your life finding a Christmas gift for her is the perfect opportunity to pamper her and shower with love for the holiday season. Girls need love, and more importantly deserve it. Nothing compares to the joyful scream of a teenage girl when she opens a gift she loves. Bathroom accessories are a great place to start when Christmas gift shopping for the teenage girl in your life. Look for wacky off the wall items too, scents with quirky names, herbal shampoos. Girls like high quality products, so don’t sacrifice quality and price just for silliness.

You should also check out what is on the best sellers list for books for teenage girls. A lot of today’s novels speak directly to teen issues. If you don’t want to speak to their teen angst then why not give their bedroom a complete make over with sheets, comforter, pillow cases, curtains and all. You may at last have a shot at Dad of the year.

Don’t forget brand names when Christmas gift shopping for your teenage girl. For shampoos and bath items try The Body Shop or Bath Works products. For clothing items try PINK or Victoria Secret. Gift cards from any of these places work, because after all girls love to shop. If you really want to spoil the teenage girl in your life then buy her a new hand bag from Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci. You might have to hurt your wallet in the process, but the smiles and love will pay back in dividends.

Girls are social creatures by nature, so look into her cell phone plan, and if she’s due for an upgrade then beat her to it and get her the best phone on the mark like a Blackberry, Droid, of iPhone. You can also wrap an Amazon.com gift card in a box with a note that say’s, “Shop a little bit online, and when you’re ready for some real shopping let’s got to the mall. Merry Christmas baby, Love Mom and Dad.”

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