2007, Sichuan Machinery Subsidy Fucheng District completed a total investment of 7.9296 million yuan, of which: State subsidies 3.7768 million yuan, farmers self-financing 4,152,800 yuan, the actual 1220 subsidized farmers, subsidies to equipment 1220 sets. Driven through the project, the annual New Total Power 7300 kilowatts, further enhancing the region’s agricultural level, to improve rural production and living conditions, improved labor productivity, and promote the rural labor transfer and farmers sections of the income for schistosomiasis control and new rural construction to make a positive contribution. Main methods are:

First, strengthen organizational leadership, do a good job of propaganda and mobilization. District Government has set up to deputy head in charge as head of the district government office to oversee the Bureau, the Agriculture Committee, the Finance Bureau and the agricultural sector as the deputy head of the main leaders, the leadership in charge of the township’s purchase subsidies for the members of the Leading Group, responsible for purchase subsidies to organize and coordinate the region to develop a “Fucheng District, Mianyang City, agricultural machinery purchase subsidy in 2007 to implement” and “The Fucheng District, Mianyang City, agricultural machinery purchase subsidy in 2007 and Implementation Procedures”, held two special working meeting purchase subsidies, a comprehensive purchase subsidy arrangement work arrangements, and through documents, radio, conferences, etc., widely publicized purchase subsidies, really well-known and well known. Project implementation, in the riverside town of mandrel chomchon held “to machine on behalf of the bull” model village award ceremony to greatly encouraged farmers purchase enthusiasm, received a significant effect.

2, with local conditions, a clear priority conditions. First, focus on resolving the 51 farmers in the village of schistosomiasis epidemic re-purchase requirements, and the riverside town of mandrel chomchon, Yang Town, Village 2 schistosomiasis re-infected village as the “aircraft on behalf of the cow” model village. Only mandrel chomchon 2007 through purchase of agricultural subsidies on the purchase of 143 sets of various agricultural machinery, basic village-free cattle to improve production and living conditions of the epidemic areas, and made for the new model of rural development. Second, the non-schistosomiasis re-infected village priority Machinery Farmer, grower, science and technology demonstration households and new rural pilot village households and farm machinery purchase subsidy operating service organizations to improve the agricultural community service level.

Third, strict implementation of procedures to ensure open and fair. As more households purchase, subsidy funds are limited, Fucheng District strictly the relevant provisions of Agricultural Machinery subsidies, adopted by the farmers for the voluntary selection, township summary report by the leading group in accordance with the terms and principles of the collective research priorities to determine the implementation of the program, the agricultural implementation plan issued by the department to determine the amount and conditions submitted by the township to re-purchase after the trial account name alone, cross district agricultural sector review, publicity, and finally signed a purchase agreement with the purchase account. In the project implementation process, the district agricultural sector initiative to invite the financial, monitoring and other departments to purchase equipment purchase household type, price and the effect of such conduct spot checks; in the process of issuing equipment, the Council Authority to arrange payment of the scene one by one hand to check equipment, registration, number, jet number and provide relevant services to ensure that the purchase subsidized project open, fair and impartial.

4, good organization and coordination, effective as tangible things. First, do a good job with the township, village and farmers co-ordination, to those who purchase the limited funds to subsidize farmers not yet enjoy the good publicity to explain the work; second is to strengthen coordination and communication with distributors, timely supply of equipment organization , equipment quality, policy implementation and after-sales service to exchange views; Third, hospitality consulting the people, for the masses to provide technical services to the purchase of agricultural machinery.

5, to strengthen technical training to ensure safety of farm machinery. Enhance the operation of purchase farmers technical and safety knowledge training, the district agricultural department organized the township in depth demonstration and training site and festivals worldwide, operating techniques and safety release nearly ten thousand copies of promotional materials, so that farmers purchase master agricultural machinery operation techniques to enhance the awareness of agricultural safety, ensure the safety of agricultural use.

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