If you are a businessman then you would require an invoice form to charge your customers for providing them the services needed by them. And that’s exactly where simple invoice forms would fit into. These forms provide both sales and service invoice templates that can be downloaded, customized and printed according to the requirements. These simple invoice forms offer great value to those looking for a low-cost solution for billing their customers.

Decide On the Invoice You Need

A business firm needs the perfect tool for its invoicing purposes. These simple invoice forms make sure you maintain a perfect business record and at the same time give your customers a perfect summary of their money spent. There are different types of invoices that suit the needs of different clients and can be custom made according to your needs.

Though there are many standard templates for invoices it may not be perfectly suitable for your business needs as there are some important points to be looked into, like:

The standard invoice which is issued in the stores nearby your home is quite simple and would not get your business anywhere.
An invoice should be one which is easily understood and gives your customers every detail of the money spent by them.
If your business involves the sale of goods, then the invoice should be quite simple and reflect clearly the products bought by the customer duly mentioning the amount of sales tax added for the service.
If you have a business which is a service based like repairs, installation etc., then your invoice should reflect the service provided by your firm with other particulars.

While it may not seem a necessary thing to select that perfect invoice which would compliment your business, it would surely help you get established as a professional firm.

As the saying goes, “an invoice is your ambassador to the world and would let people know about the services offered by your firm”. So every time your customer makes the payment they would have a good opinion about it.

Different Types of Invoice

There are different types of simple invoice forms to suit the needs of your company. These templates can be easily used and also customized according to your needs .Here are a few of them:

Pro forma Invoice: not a real invoice, it just keeps a track of the commitment provided by the firm to the customer.
Billing Invoice: It is the generic invoice form issued by the business firm for the service done.
Work Order: An order received from the customer giving details of the work needed.
Receipts: This type of invoice contains many variants’ like the rent receipt, cash receipt, donation receipt, sales receipt, etc.,

Though there are many different kinds of templates available, choosing the perfect invoice makes the whole difference. These easy to use simple invoice forms will give your business that additional edge in the turf.


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