Setting up your own solar power generating unit may not be a very cheap option for you. However, it is a great option for the environment. By using solar power you are reducing the pollution that you are producing as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Thus solar power helps improve the environment that we live in. This is one of the reasons why governments provide assistance to reduce the cost of solar power use.

Why governments benefit from reducing the cost of solar power

There are several countries and states on Earth where power is generated mainly from non-renewable sources such as the burning of fossil fuels. This creates a lot of pollution and harms the environment in a big way. Thus governments are working to reduce this pollution. One of the most effective and cheapest ways to reduce this pollution is to encourage consumers to set up their own renewable power production units by reducing the cost of solar power. This takes demand for electricity off the grid and the government has to burn less of the fossil fuels. Along with that if the people start selling the electricity produced back to the government; the need for the burning of fossil fuels reduces even further.

How the government provides assistance to consumers

Governments may provide assistance to the people who are keen in installing solar panels both financially and non-financially. Financial assistance could be in the form of a grant or subsidy that would help the person to set up the solar panel with the minimum initial investment thus reducing the cost of solar power. Along with this the government may also cover the cost of the linking up of the solar panel to the grid which would save the people a lot of expenditure and would enable them to sell the electricity back to the grid. To help set up the solar power unit the government may also provide a discount on the components of the solar power system such as panels and installation equipment such as rails. All of these methods help in bringing down the cost of solar power substantially for consumers.

The government may also provide non-financial benefits to the people which can be in several forms. It may help to reduce the cost of solar power by providing consultation services to those interested at no fee. The consultants would help bring the cost of solar power down substantially for the individual interested families.

Not all governments provide assistance for solar power

Although most governments have incentives to help reduce the cost of solar power for individual households, there are also some governments that would not find this useful. The reason for this is that some governments produce all of their electricity from renewable sources such as from geothermal energy, wind power and solar power. Thus these governments would not be especially keen on getting solar panels installed in individual homes. However, if there is a shortage of electrical power in the area, the government may still assist the people in bringing down the cost of solar power which would help the households without affordable power and high electrical bills

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