Often times it doesn’t matter what you do with your kids, they just want to know that you’re there for them and that you love them. As a parent, of course you have to learn how to say no, so that your kid doesn’t grow up to be a spoiled brat.

Saying no can be a hard thing to do; especially when they look at you with those cute little puppy dog eyes. How could you possibly say no to that? As the parent, you have to stick to your guns; so to speak, and stand your ground. I know how easy it is to just give in to them and give them what they want so they’ll leave you alone and, that can have dire consequences. If you need proof; just look at how many people are incarcerated in today’s society. That picture, is the direct result of bad parenting; in my opinion.

Remember, you’re the parent, you’re in charge, and you make the rules. It’s your job to be responsible. Yes; I said it, parenting is a job. You don’t get paid in a monetary sense and yet, you do get paid in love, pride, and feelings of internal joy. You get to relate to another human being and be a living example for your child. You get to be a role model and you get to show them everything you know when the time is right.

I say when the time is right because there are certain things in life that are age appropriate. For example, talking about sex or learning how to drive; there has to be a certain level of maturity for these things.

I think it’s important to relate to your child on their level. This teaches your child the importance of interaction and it gets them involved in something that isn’t just about themselves. This is all a growing process for both you and your child. You may only notice the child’s growth and, other adults will notice the change in you.

Some other things that you and your child learn, is how to communicate with each other. Every single person is an individual and that’s an important thing to remember when you are dealing with children. I think our society has the habit of putting people into a stereotyped group with the assumption that they are all the same. Granted, they may be the same in a certain area or with a certain characteristic and, the important thing to remember is that each one is an individual with different wants and needs, with different learning styles and with different values.

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