The new president has made a commitment to helping moms get an education. He wants to see more mothers going to school so that less people are living below the poverty line, and so that more women are earning money to take care of their family.

Single mom scholarships from Obama provide the cash that is so desperately needed, particularly for low income mothers who have the hardest time in paying for college.

Which Grants Are Available?

There are several government educational grants that you can apply for. Some have specific requirements in terms of what you are studying, others are more general.

Pell Grant
The most well known is the Pell Grant which is for low income students. If you are on a low income and meet the other requirements for the Pell Grant then you could be eligible to receive around $ 5000.

Whilst this will not pay for your entire education, it will certainly help.

The SMART grant is another great opportunity for people who are going to study science or mathematics. This grant is worth up to $ 4000 for eligible students.

The TEACH grant program is yet another government program that offers up to $ 4000 per year of study to students who are planning to take up a career teaching in an elementary or secondary school. So if you wish to become a teacher you should certainly apply for this grant.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
The FSEOG program is available to students who are in extreme financial need. It is worth up to $ 4000 per year and is normally open to undergraduate Pell Grant recipients who have the lowest EFCs (expected family contributions).

These are the main scholarships and grants from Obama that he is encouraging single moms to apply for.

Don’t qualify for a single mom grant from Obama? Never fear!

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