Single mom scholarships are the ultimate way to get a free education if you are a mother who is financially struggling.

Being a single mom is tough enough, but putting your studies and career on hold because there is no one to help you raise your children is a big compromise. Naturally, we always put our children first but there will come a time when you will have a window of opportunity to gather your thoughts and start going after that college degree or diploma that you’ve always wanted to do.

But how do you pay for it?

Some ways in which single mothers will attempt to fund their education includes:

1. A Second Job
You may already have a full or part time job but that is not enough to fund your education. So you consider getting a second job. However this just leaves you with even less time with your children. And makes it difficult to study at all.

2. Student Loans
Loans for students are a common choice for mothers who wish to study. However the debt can be overwhelming and will take some time to pay back. This can really eat into the family budget.

3. Grants
A grant is usually awarded on a merit basis. Unfortunately for single moms, we often do not have grades or skills required to receive any sort of grant.

The only other reasonable options are single mom scholarships. These are scholarships which are particularly offered to single mothers as a minority group who are in need of a helping hand.

A scholarship will pay for your college tuition fees and since it does not need to be paid back, you will not be in debt and you can rest easy while you complete your education, knowing that payment is all taken care of for you!

Balancing your family with your career can be overwhelming.

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