Perhaps you are one of those moms trapped in a financial crisis, looking for funds to support your family and possibly your college education. You may have heard of The Pell Grant and the Stafford loans and even the tax credits being given to moms to support them. But, these are not the only sources of financial aid you can get because theres a lot more.
There are various resources of scholarship and grants for single moms to support college education.
With the economic crisis everyone is faced with, finding financial support for education can be really hard. But, even if its tough, its the only way seen how the familys status even the global crisis can be dealt with. A high school graduate simply will not have the same opportunities as someone who took the extra mile and earned a college degree. It may be hard, but that will not be in a long while because once the degree is earned it will be the start of the financial turnaround.
There is a huge difference in the compensation package of a person with just a high school diploma than with someone who has an MBA degree. A meager amount of $ 20,000 is the salary of blue collar job, compared to $ 47,000 for a person with an associates degree. An MBA graduate on the other hand receives $ 78,000 while a bachelors degree holder receives $ 58,000. Clearly this shows a very big difference in monetary status of an educated individual.
A short term sacrifice in terms of going back to school will indeed make a big difference in the future. Education is a worthwhile investment worth all your effort that spells a better future for your family.
The internet is a very good start to begin your search for an online education support. It is very simple, just fill out a form and send it to be processed. College education options can either be on campus or online education. Both methods are acceptable and can earn a scholarship grant.
Some mothers may still be apprehensive worrying about the kids, who will take care of them while she is in school. This might sound unbelievable, but some scholarships actually provide funds even for childcare or day care; to fully support the mothers best efforts.

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