Lasting relationships for moms start with kids asking about me datingIs this guy ready to meet my kids Am I ready for him to meet my kids Are my kids ready to meet him How long should I wait to tell him more about my kids Questions. Questions. Questions. Questions. A single mom has to decide when its the right time to mesh her kids with her dating life. Most of the time not only do they have to deal with their own questions, they have to deal with the opinions of their parents or other family members and friends. All of these thoughts, feelings and opinions can be taken into consideration, however the ultimate decision should come from the single mom and not what any one else thinks she should do. Single mom dating shouldn’t be too stressful. It should actually be a way for the single mom to relax not to bring stress into her life. Lets deal with first things first.

The single mom should ask herself how she feels about her kids meeting her date. A single mom has that single mom intuition. This gut feeling can be used as an indicator. If you feel now is not the right time then now is not the right time. If you feel that now may be the right time maybe you should sleep on it for a few more days. However, if you are sure that now couldn’t be a better time then there shouldn’t be anything keeping you from following that single mom intuition. You can bring it up in casual conversation and ask your partner how they feel about the whole thing. If they are a little antsy maybe you should hold off and let them tell you when they are ready. You don’t want to rush anything and you certainly don’t want to force your date into doing anything they don’t want to do. If you do it will only come back to haunt you in the end and you may end being a single mom forever.

Always remember to take your partners feelings into consideration.

If you find that you need a more professional opinion on dating as a single mom, you can seek out the help of a matchmaker. A matchmaker has most likely seen what works and what don’t work in the dating world. They can offer a single mom advice on how to handle certain situations to get proven results and when a relationship or a person isn’t a good one for them. A matchmaker can also find a few good choices for the single mom. They usually are equipped with a database of individuals who are compatible with the single mom and hold a promising future. This can eliminate a lot of the riff raff and wasted dates the single mom has to experience. Being able to offer valuable advice and promising matches, a matchmaker could be just the choice the single mom needs to make to enhance her dating experience and dating knowledge.

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