Disability in single mothers is hard. Aside from the fact that those mothers are left alone to care for their kid, the disability has add up to the difficulty. Fortunately, there are already offered services and assistance for disabled mothers. A policy is also created to shield the rights of those disabled mothers plus protecting them from discrimination at work. This policy is referred to as the Yankee Disabilities Act.

The services and assistance that are provided to disabled single mothers aim to help these mothers to overcome their disability and continue to live life together with their children. Being disabled will either be caused from a physical disability, learning disability, or a mental disability. Based on the Census of the United States of America, approximately forty one thousand thousand of Americans are disabled. Majority of those disabled people are women, though the welfare reforms continue to push those disabled mothers to work.

Services are provided to Disabled Single Mothers came from TANF and SSI
Typically, the typical income for an individual who is not disabled would be $ 22,000; however, a person with a disability would only earn approximately $ 12,000. Studies have found out that mothers who are receiving assistance from the Temporary Help to Needy Families or TANF are disabled mothers or mothers who have a disabled child. But, since the reform of the welfare programs, fewer those disabled mothers are obtaining help from TANF. Other than that, the Social Security Income that conjointly provides further help to the disabled mothers has set strict standards and criteria, lessening the amount of its beneficiaries.

Services provided by the Temporary Help to Needy Families or TANF would involve case management. This includes application of services from the Social Security Income for the disabled single mother. However, not all caseworkers who are handling the cases for disabled single mothers are aware of these services causing denial of application. The rates of applicants being denied are terribly high and alarming. The govt. took action last February 2009 when the National Council for State Legislatures has proposed that the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families office and also the Social Security Income workplace ought to work together thus that everything can work well. However, disabled mothers would like to know that the federal law does not enable approval of both services at the identical time.

One in all the services provided by the Temporary Help to Needy Families is to refer the disabled mothers to the Department of Labor, specifically on the One Stop Career Center. Disabled mothers would be in a position to understand which career and fields would be appropriate for them to earn cash even with the disability. There also are single mother programs that can be referred by One Stop to assist those disabled mothers. Apart from that, single mother subsidies will also be provided to confirm that the kid can receive proper care and nutrition. Bear in mind that services for those disabled mothers can vary from one state to another. The disabled single mother can check on the local social service agency thus that she will try the lists of services provided in a state.

Testing and Screening Disabled Single Mothers with Learning Disabilities
The only mother and welfare reform programs have not recognized the existence of mothers with learning disabilities. Not until the recent times, screening learning disabilities are done to check the extent of the educational disability of the mother and to check whether the mother is capable of working even with the learning disability. If the case of the incapacity is just delicate, then the disabled single mother can undergo instructional programs or vocational courses which will help her in getting a work. Studies have discovered that if the learning incapacity is recognized, then the probabilities of being successful are possible.

Several agencies can really provide numerous services that a disabled single mother will utilize. There are single mother scholarships that are being offered for single mothers with learning disabilities. They can really profit from these scholarship programs because it offers varied courses and trainings for handicapped women. Apart from that, if the disabled single mother can now not support her kid, there are single mother adoption options that a single mother can inquire.

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