Being a single parent can be a difficult time in life. The same amount of work is there, but you have no one to share it with. Single parents are often stretched so thin that they miss a lot of crucial steps when it comes to personal safety, which can significantly impact their ability to live a safe and happy life. If you are a single parent, you might be struggling to make ends meet, but that is not an excuse to ignore your weaknesses when it comes to home security measures that you should be taking.

If you are a single mother, do not overly advertise the fact that there’s no man living in the home. It might be stereotypical, but many criminals will target homes that do not have a man to fight them off. This is true no matter how strong or able to protect yourself you are. Criminals assume that women are weak, and without a man in the home will be unable to fight off the attack.Things like using only your last name on the mailbox, and recording a voicemail message that doesn’t allude to the fact that it’s only you and the kids, can avoid giving too much info away to potential attackers.

Be aware of how having one parent affects your kids’ security. Do they come home after school to an empty home because you are still at work? Don’t leave the key under the mat or above the doorframe, where any criminal will know to look for it. Make sure that your home security is strong enough to protect them, and that they know what to do in an emergency. Instill the confidence in them to handle the home while you’re away. Consider ‘nanny cams’ or other forms of surveillance. You can even use cameras that allow access online so that you can watch them in the afternoons from work.

If you are dating, be aware of how that can impact your security. Avoid bringing new dates to your home too soon. Instead, meet in a neutral place. Introduce them to your home and children slowly. Do not give them a key to your home until it’s become a long-term relationship. If a relationship ends on bad terms, a few simple changes like adding new door and window alarms and changing the lock on your front door can go a long ways towards keeping your family safe.

Single parenthood is often a stressful time. Raising kids by yourself means you’re in charge of everything in the home, from cooking meals to helping with homework to making sure your children are safe when you tuck them into bed at night. Rest easier knowing that you and the kids are protected when you’ve taken the right security precautions. If you are a single parent trying to keep yourself and your children safe, avoid discussing your situation too openly, protect latchkey kids with the right security precautions, and install home security measures such as cameras and alarms.

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