Many people don’t know what is a business grant. Firstly what exactly is business grant must be made clear. It came into picture as companies have to borrow money from bank as loans and in return have to pay huge interests on the loan. Therefore, government started providing small business grants to the companies setting various regulations and stipulations. These grants are so beneficial as neither any interests nor the repayment of the grant is required. For these grants from the government the companies have to give sensible reasons to them. Everyone can’t earn these grants until the government genuinely feels that it would somewhere help in the economic growth of the country. The granter that is the government analyses the business like how much money has been already invested in the company, what profit has it earned, how many individuals have been employed to work, have they already taken loans etc. The most deserving one finally gets the grant. The guidelines fixed by the grantor have to be strictly followed by the recipient and yes it must be strictly used for the reason for which it is given. Any misuse or use for something else which is not mentioned to the grantor may lead to some strict action against you for the same. These small business grants are also for encouraging small industries that are coming up and have great potential. The only obstacle being faced is the lack of funds. The grants given could be for a number of reasons like constructing a building in the same office space, starting a new product, buying property etc to grow their business. Money is granted for animal husbandry, farming and fishing too. This would be requiring labor, manpower, would give employment to many unemployed. In fact these can be the prime reason for a grant in few cases. For the firms or industries which are already established are granted with grants for research and advancement or to buy a new technology. It is also granted to the industries which are into the export business so that it can further add to the development of the country internationally. These small things aid in the growth of the country that is the purpose of the government to offer these grants. To get these grants the draft for the business plan should be submitted properly. It is very essential since there are many individuals who apply for the grant. The cause laid to get the business grant should be important so that it gains attention of the granter. The loan is analyzed once the grant is given approval. The small business grants are also available at organizations meant for it other than the government, also available online.

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