It’s tough for parents to have to deal with troubled teens. There’s so much effort involved in helping a troubled teen, and finding a school which can address their needs can drastically turn their life around. A good example is finding a therapeutic school which offers therapy and an academic program that is designed to help with behavior modification and other needs. Most of these therapeutic schools can be found in countrysides, away from the bustle of city living. Most of their activities cannot be experienced in mainstream schools. Here are just a few examples.

A lot of therapeutic boarding schools live outdoors for a while in a camping setting which provides teens with a different set of challenges than what they are used to. They are also presented with responsibilities and are introduced to concepts and situations that teach them how important personal accountability and self-advocacy is. They also learn to do something constructive with their time and not waste it on TV, internet, video games, or hanging around idly with their friends.

Nature is a huge aspect in what makes such schools effective. There’s just something about nature that calms the soul and puts things into perspective. Out in nature, you realize that all your basic needs can be provided for if you do your part. Nature is a good teacher of consequences and the value of work. If you don’t set up your tent, you get wet when it rains or get cold when night comes. If you don’t make fire, you can’t cook food. Throwing a tantrum won’t make the rain stop, but you can decide to cope with the situation and rise above it.

These schools have activities that help young people find inner peace.

They live in an environment where it’s safe to embrace this peace and to accept the kindness, love and support of the people around them. Troubled teens see that other teens struggle too, and that it’s not impossible to surmount these challenges. Most therapeutic schools also use animal therapy to help young people discover the fulfilment of caring for another creature.

Behavior modification therapy can also be part of these schools’ programs. In such therapies, each teen’s behavior is examined and teens learn through activities what consequences they face with their behaviors.

Aside from the daily academic requirements of these schools, what sets them apart is the individual therapy that each undergo, according to their needs. There’s no clear cut program that can be applied to all individuals. Each person is unique and has unique needs. In response to this, therapeutic schools make it a point to provide individualized treatment programs for each student as well as group therapy sessions in order to harness the positive power of socialization. These schools definitely provide something mainstream education cannot, with the current education system as it is. Of course, not all teens are fit to go to therapeutic boarding school, but for most troubled teens, these kinds of schools are good stepping stones towards being reintegrated to mainstream high school or college someday.

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