Tiffany ‘s “diamond” king of exquisite handicraft and style, winning from the first lady to princess, from Wall Street tycoon to industrial giant,from the big Hollywood stars to the world love the most sincere love. In Tiffany’s long customer list, rich and famous Mrs. Roosevelt, is one of the special one. She was not only the first lady, and she also came from President family — Her uncle is the great explorer Theodore Roosevelt President. For convenience reading, we call her uncle old President Roosevelt, call her husband for small Roosevelt So a double family lady, her engagement ring is from early Tiffany jewelry:In the middle is huge diamond ring,the ring hoop is gold; above the circle around two thin diamond.
The first lady, not only born giants also more shrewd. Because the President franklin Roosevelt age and walk difficult(to wheelchairs), the United States during the second world war, the White House, the first lady bear responsibility is significant in history, she is rare in the first lady. Like Tiffany’s diamond engagement ring, is “the diamond ring”.
The traditional wedding in English about it for description: Something old, something new,Something borrowed, and something blue; “Something blue” is originally means for the traditional, ancient time of love and loyalty, blue to represent purity. In the west,

Type wedding, always have blue ornament: it appears in the stockings or condole, or in jewelry, or the bride’s hands in the bouquet. this traditional remain today: white and blue become western-style wedding main tonal.
So Tiffany ‘s gift boxes, regardless of its original intention of blue,in my eyes, in spite of associate a wedding important color. Tiffany ‘s blue box is elegant, and bind its white ribbons in life, the purity of different stages or a particular moment worldwide, sincere, romantic, gentle happiness of ideal. Although not everyday life, but as long as the romantic white ribbon blue. Plunge the box exists, we will continue to exist and dream.


Tiffany Jewelry is the queen of the jewelrys.

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