It is not difficult at all to understand that government facilities have a pressing need to provide a secure working environment for their employees and to make sure that no unscrupulous individuals have access to the extremely sensitive information they manage, send and receive. Keeping the secrecy of business data is essential in any corporate environment. So much so that business organizations of all sizes have largely adopted employee ID badges in order to keep close track of their staff members’ whereabouts and attendance and distinguish them efficiently from visitors and guests. This is even more important in government offices that many a time manage extremely sensitive information that should not be disclosed to the general public or that only a few members of the organization should be aware of. Therefore, each ID badge should be designed and produced keeping security as a top priority.

This is the main reason why government officials devote quite a lot of time studying the different security features that are now available in the market and trying to decide which are tailored suit to their specific security needs. They have to make sure that their ID cards have little to no chances of being counterfeited, forged, tampered or copied.
In such a complex scenario, adding the employee’s picture and signature is, needless to say, not enough. In fact, if we had the chance to thoroughly examine an ID badge used in government facilities we would realize that they are extremely sophisticated. Apart from the employee’s picture and signature, these badges have biometric data incorporated as well as embedded chips in which sensitive employee’s information is stored. In addition, these cards are protected with holographic overlays so that they cannot be copied or tampered.

In addition, it is highly important to make sure that there is no massive access to the top secret information sent, received and managed there. This is the main reason why each staff member’s ID badge is provided with a specific clearance level so that every time it is swiped over a card reader the ID card system can automatically tell if the the card holder is allowed or denied access to a certain restricted area. Thus, the chances of having a security breech is significantly reduced as the same clearance level can be also applied to limit access to documents or files stored in the company’s computer system.

ID badges are important in any kind of organization. No matter how big or small they are, making sure that their employees enjoy a secure working environment is definitely a top priority.

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