Stamps collecting, especially the old postage stamps has great value. They are fun, affordable, history, travel, art, valuable, and important. Here is the explanation of their great value.

1. Stamps Are Fun – Stamp collecting is fun because it’s personal – you collect the kinds of stamps you want, the way you want to collect them, whenever and wherever you want to. There’s no right way or wrong way.

2. Stamps Are Affordable – Imagine owning a genuine U.S. postage stamp that’s over 130 years old for as little as $ 1.25! Even very old stamps can be very affordable, especially in postally used condition. Used stamps have a real history and romance all their own.

3. Stamps Are History – Every time you open your album, stamps take you wherever you want to go in our nation’s past… the plains of the Old West, the Space Race, the White House, the American Revolution, the battlefields of the Civil War, and so much more. Stamps chronicle 19th and 20th century America like nothing else. Stamps are souvenirs of our past – history you can hold in your hands.

4. Stamps Are Travel – Stamps show us traveling the globe as well as taking our first tentative steps into outer space… exploring the frigid icefields of Antarctica and the eerily beautiful landscapes of the moon; celebrating the diversity of America from exotic Hawaii north to Alaska, with the variety of 48 great states in between; discovering the Pacific Ocean and blasting off aboard the space shuttle; flying across the Atlantic to Paris with Charles Lindbergh and floating above the clouds in a lighter-than-air ship called the Graf Zeppelin.

5. Stamps Are Art – Having a stamp collection is like having a miniature art gallery right in your own home.

6. Stamps Are Valuable – Some stamps are tremendously valuable. A stamp may be worth thousands of dollars because it has a tiny printing error, or because only a few examples survive.

7. Stamps Are Important – Stamps are important because they enable us to communicate through letters. The issue of the world’s first adhesive postage stamp in England revolutionized the way mail was sent.


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