Create New Standards For Yourself

Are you creating standards that make you feel bad about yourself, about your personality, about your situation? Are you holding yourself accountable to standards that dont even exist? Id be willing to bet that you are.

Take my client for example, she sets a goal every single month to bring in $ 30,000.00 in revenue. Every single month she brings in about $ 12,000 to $ 15,000 in revenue. I keep saying to her, Why dont we set a goal to bring in $ 15,000 because that is a stretch month for you? And she keeps saying, No, no, I can do $ 30,000. Whatever you put your mind on, you can get blah blah blah!!

Well, this, my friend, is a structure for feeling like crap, and she feels like crap all the time. Now when you feel like crap, you dont expand and you dont get better. Youre not more effective. So when you hold yourself accountable to standards that make you feel bad, you actually diminish or create a worse result and experience for yourself in life.

So many people are holding themselves accountable to standards that dont exist for their body. Theyre making their body wrong. You may thing my body shouldnt look like that, my butt is too big blah blah blah! Well, in the end, the drunk monkey in your head is literally trying to protect you from you, and protect you from the circumstances in your life. That just shows you how safe your life is. Your life is so perfect, wonderful, delicious, easygoing, and effortless that your mind now is bored and is now spending its time trying to keep you safe from you.

Its insanity. Start to call BS on the mind. Start to know that life is perfect and the only thing that makes it unperfect is your opinion. And Id like you to just notice that you dont even generate your own opinions. Your opinions just bubble up, blub, blub, blub, blub. Theyre not even yours. Theyre automatic.

Matthew Ferry a Life Coach,The Life Coaching Company Matthew Ferry International offers life coaching, law of attraction and dozens of training products and seminars relating to the law of attraction to help you find your passion and love your life.

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