There are many ideas to start a business from home with very low capital. However, even though you’re not risking a lot of money to get started, you could face some major drawbacks if you don’t prepare yourself. You could waste a lot of time, lose your patience and be so disappointed that you may completely give up the idea of starting a home based online business.

Before you select a business, there are many issues to consider. The first one is selecting the right type of business. You need to select a line of work that you love and uses your natural skills. This is the most determining factor for your success or failure. Read this article.

Low Cost Home Based Business Ideas

Selling Discounted Health Plans – These could be medical, dental, vision, or prescription plans. Your main market would be people with no insurance and can’t afford regular medical services. You start making direct sales and later on enlisting other people and you get a percentage for every sale they make. AmeriPlan is the #1 company on the market and their starter kit is $ 95 which includes a free coverage plan for you, household members and a free website to advertise your business. You get 30% commission on each enrollment.

Travel Business at Home – This is a very popular business to start from home that requires little capital and allows you to earn money while traveling at wholesale prices. Global Travel Trends is the fastest growing Internet travel agency in the world. You could start working 10 hours a week and gradually increase your working hours. They organize “Travel Parties” and “Travel Orientations”, and have one of the best compensation plans in the travel industry.

You also get great commissions for introducing people to the company.

Home Business Consultants – Are you really good with computers, gardening, photography, etc.? What other people’s problems could you solve and charge for it? When you can teach other people how to do it, or do it for them more effectively, you can start a business. Start by word of mouth and/or networking. Have some business cards made and promote your business on the Internet. Within the home business low start up ideas, this one covers a lot of areas.

Home Tutoring Business – If you excel in an academic subject, this may be your niche. You could teach students once a week, even during summer. Math and languages are in demand but this could be the case with your subject. Find out what’s the going rate in your area. You could give a discount for more than one child during the same trip. Promote your services by word of mouth, business cards and small ads in parenting magazines, school newspapers and home school groups.

Affiliate Business Home Income – From all the online money making opportunities that require a small investment, this is the one with more potential, but it requires more effort. You sell or recommend products and services of existing merchants. First you sign up with an affiliate company and the company gives you links, graphics and locations so you can market their products or services. You send leads to their site and receive a commission for each transaction a visitor to your site makes. Almost any major company has an affiliate program. Affiliate management companies such as Commission Junction, Clickbank and LinkShare Network represent hundreds of major retailers and service providers. Some of these companies require you to have a website. For more information about an affiliate business read Affiliate Business Home Income Potential.

Easy to Start Home Business

Paid Online Survey Opportunities – This is probably the easiest of the online income opportunities you can start with little money. Some big companies use online surveys to know more about their customers. Only a few of these online survey companies are legitimate, such as: Baker Street Solutions, 20/20 Research, Bellwether Surveys, and American Consumer Opinion and This is an easy source of extra income for housewives, students and senior citizens.

Home Business for Moms

Good Mystery Shopper – Companies pay shoppers approximately $ 10 to $ 30 to complete assignments. Sometimes you get reimbursed for expenses. Many times they allow you to bring your children along. The more companies you sign up with, the more likely you get regular assignments. You don’t need to put money upfront except when you’re required to make purchases, but you get reimbursed after 30 days. To avoid scams, you should only sign up with companies that belong to the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers).

Home Based Business Plan

There are hundreds of sites on the Internet where you can promote your small business from home. You can place free classifieds at sites all over the world to get visitors to your site. (go to and see their free classified sites).

These are just a few of the many home based business profit ideas where you invest 100 dollars or less. Learn as much as you can about the one you choose through workshops, magazines, the Internet and from successful people in your field. If you provide services, you can also offer them for free to friends and family members in exchange for reference letters. These letters are worth their weight in


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