Finding the start up business financing you need to get your business up and running is possible. What’s even better? You can do it without BIG bank loans. Learn how to find free money to start a business by following this simple, four step formula. 

Step One: Find Profitable, Shoestring Start Up Business Opportunities
Not all business opportunities are created equal. If you find that you have very limited finances, the first place to start is finding a shoestring start up business idea. Consider a service orientated business, like a janitorial company or auto detailing concierge business. These businesses require very little money to start. You can also start up a service business relatively quickly. It simply requires a bit of training, getting the word out and the supplies needed to get you going. 
Step Two: Create a Financing Strategy
Next, you’ll need to create a start up business financing strategy. This will require you to first get a handle on your personal finances. Make a list of all of your monthly expenses and start looking for areas where you can cut back. Be ruthless here. 
After cutting back on the things you don’t need, look for ways to save on the things you do need. Perhaps consider downsizing an expensive sports car or moving into a smaller home. These items alone can unlock additional cash each month to help you finance your business.
Step Three: Find Free Sources of Start Up Business Financing
Once you have a handle on your personal finances, it’s time to tackle those initial start up costs and overheads. Make a list of all of the expenses you will incur to get your business up and running. Look for items that are just plain unnecessary and eliminate them from your list. Research ways of saving on expenses that you cannot do without, like telephone service.
Step Four: Get Help from a Certified Start Up Business Efficiency Expert
Consider consulting with a Start Up Efficiency Expert or finding free information online. Keep in mind, not all information floating out in cyberspace will prove useful. Make sure that any information or advice you decide to take comes from an experienced, reliable source. Also, consider purchasing an eBook on start up business survival. 
Starting a new business is not a small task. After all, you are investing so much of your valuable time and hard earned resources.

Don’t put yourself at risk! Take the necessary steps to protect your long term success. Be sure to do thorough research and create a sound start up business financing strategy. In doing so, you’ll unlock the secrets for finding free money to start a business.
You can make your dreams of owning your own business a reality – even if you have little or no money. I’m living proof!

Kimberly Kelly teaches new entrepreneurs the secrets for finding free sources of business start up funding through her ebooks, seminars and coaching services. She is the author of the popular selling ebook: The Start-Up Business Survival Guide: 101 FREE Products and Services to Help Finance Your Dream of Successful Business Ownership. Visit her website at

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