Many people are looking at the internet as more than just a way to stay in touch with friends and read the hundred fifty character blog posts of famous people. They’re looking at the web as more than just a fun thing to do after work, they’re looking at it as a way of making money and quitting their day jobs with a stay at home job.

But is it right for you? A stay at home job can be a blessing for some and a curse for others. Here’s your checklist…

Can You Make Your Own Hours and Stick To Them?

You don’t have a boss or a schedule if you work at home. If you work from own home, if you make your own hours and set your own schedule, you’re going to have to be the one kicking your own butt to get to work. This can be difficult for some, impossible for others, and for a select few, easy as pie. If you can set your own schedule and, most importantly, stick to it, you may do well working from home. The trick is to set your own hours as if it were a regular job, and try to work at around the same time every day.

Are You A Social Person?

If you tend to stay at home on the weekends, if you have a hard time meeting people, it may be best to keep a job that has you leaving your home. The fact is that human interaction is of the absolute utmost importance. Even if you’re married or have a live in girlfriend or boyfriend, you need real social interaction. The fact is, having to deal with annoying people now and then is what keeps us human. Using the internet to block them out with a stay at home job won’t make life better, just lonelier and less interesting. Only work at home if you can meet friends on your own.

Are You a Single Mom or a Single Dad?

If you answer yes to this question, then you really SHOULD take up any opportunity you have to work at home. Even if you don’t fit anything else on this checklist, being a parent has a way of shaping you up into exactly the person you need to be in life. If you have kids to take care of, you may find that hiring babysitters or paying for a day care center can cost you so much that you may as well not have a job at all. If you’re making only so much an hour, the babysitter is probably wanting about the same. If they’re taking ninety percent of your money, then it’s just not worth it, and you absolutely do need to seriously consider working from home.

Part time work at home jobs are becoming more and more popular every day. Don’t get left behind, visit and get one today.

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