Certain cities in the United States are just plain rich with history, education and culture.  The age of the city seems to help in these departments, as can clearly be seen in cities like Boston, Massachusetts.  Many people from overseas, or even from the United States complain that the US ‘lacks the cultural depth of Europe’ because the cities are ‘comparatively young.’  While this may be true to some extent, in that they lack the years of history, the wealth of cultural goings-on and exciting historical features tends to dwell just below the surface of America’s finest cities.


As the home of many top rated post-secondary institutions, the state of Massachusetts and the city of Boston in general cannot simply sit back and rely on its great history to create cultural movement.  In fact, it must work twice as hard to stay modern by mixing architectural styles, art and shopping districts, cultural districts, and contemporary programs of study into the already existing recipe for urban success.  If there’s anyone who is not easy to fool then look no further than college and university students.  They know whether or not a cultural scene is hopping, and expect not only the best bars and live entertainment, but the best museums and galleries.  They want a city that excels in science and technology, as well as the fine arts.  It can be hard to have all of that for students, and also have good everyday technologies available like internet connectivity too.  However, that is exactly what Boston has.


Now, no matter where students live around the city, and no matter where they live outside the city, they can be connected to high speed 4g wireless internet at all times.  This kind of convenience allows for cultural and population movement around the city, the likes of which have never been seen before.  When students are able to take care of important emails, assignments and essays on the way to school with mobile computers like laptops and netbooks, it makes all that time spent on ‘The T’ worthwhile.  Saving an hour here or there leaves plenty of room in the schedule to catch a baseball game or hockey match, and lots more time for socializing.


While today many colleges and universities, in fact all the successful ones, have computer labs where students can go to get work done.

The problem is that there are more students than computers, and the wait times for a campus computer can stretch far into the night.  Today, many schools offer complimentary or discounted laptop computers for students, making it easy for each one to be connected to the net at all times.  Now, those computers need a safe, reliable, high speed mobile broadband connection like 4g wireless internet.  Not every student can afford to live right on campus, or even right in the city, but with modern internet technology, it’s easier than ever to make the most of your time anyway.  Start utilizing commutes, and succeeding in Boston with 4g wireless.

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