If you look at the night sky, you can see the history by the phenomena of light. Light travels true the universe, universes by the known speed. I have a thought that perhapse there is a possibility to see the stars and the galaxies by the just happening phenomena. Gravity itself is a just happening phenomena and gives us information by the means of real time. This is because I have calculated theoretically the speed of the missing gravity particle, that Einstein could nort explain. I have calculated this by the means of Isaac Newton equations of “Philosopihiae Naturalis Mathematica Principa” and by the means of Schwardzild equations of gravity. I have the same result on the basis of these maintioned equations. The speed of a gravity particle is about 10 in 30 m/s and they are the free elctrons travelling through the cosmos and the value gets an eternal value in time. The gravity is formed by the nuclear fissions of the star as sun and by the nuclear fissions of the galaxy centers.

In my opinnion gravity does not form any field in cosmos but so called “gravity corridors” between  planets and stars and between galaxies. Anyway there may be some kind of field because of the huge number of those free electrons in cosmos. Gravity is formed by the nuclear fissions of stars and galaxies and causing a huge electrical power between planets and stars and between galaxies. Gravity itself occurs between each atoms of a planet and an certain area atoms of a star and center of galaxies.

Gravity is based upon the energy balance in cosmos. Gravity can be calculated by the equation of Einstein E1 = m(c) in 2 and E2 = ((p in 2)x(c in 2) + (m in 2) x (c in 4)) in 1/2, an equation of the degenerated gas. The energy of gravity can be calculated by the equation of Isaac Newton, E3 = F x Rj = (Go) x ((m1 x m2)/(Rj)). Rj is the distance of 1 AU, one astronomical unit, m1 is the mass of earth and m2 is the mass of sun. By the way I have calculated a new value of 1 AU which is a little bit greater as the nowadays used 1 Au value.

In all there is an energy balance between a planet and a star, (earth and sun) and we can write E1 + E2 = E3 in which E1 represents the value of nuclear fission energy/certain area of sun caused by earth, E2 is the value of the degenerated gas and E3 is the value of gravity energy between a planet and a star as the earth and the sun. E3 is the gravity energy in the gravity corridor between the earth and the sun.

In my opinnion I have calculated the reason why the planet earth is rotating the sun. It´s quite a simple idea. There are two components rotating the planet and one resultant component giving the speed of the planet. I call this component a resultant energy component. The value of this resultant energy component is about 6,28 x 10 in 18 Nm (J) = 3,92 x 10 in 37 eV.

I have also new thoughts about the distances of the stars and galaxies. I claim that the distances are not so huge as Einstein has explained. The nearest stars are in the distance of 50 to 100 AU:s, astronomical units. Nowadays we determine the distances by spectrum of a star and I claim that there have to be something wrong in this determination of distances. There must be an unknown area in this spectrum caused by the gravity particles, free electrons.

I have over 500 new equations about the secrets of the universe, universes… we live in. I was accepted in the autumn of 2009 as researcher at NASA in the organization called Sponsored Research Office, SRO and before last Easter I was aceepted at NASA in Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.



Antti Johannes Vaalama

Engineer, Violinist, Musician, Artist

the city of Heinola, Finland






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