The main difference between the PC and laptop is that laptop is easier to carry. On the motherboard, CPU requirements are different, notebook album and so on. Notebook Computer, referred to as the NB, also known as notebook computer or laptop, is a small, portable personal computer, usually weight 1-3 kg. The current trend is smaller and smaller, more light weight, and functions have become more powerful. In order to reduce the size, notebook computers usually have liquid crystal display (also known as LCD screen LCD). In addition to the keyboard away, and some also equipped with touch pad (touchpad) or touch point (pointing stick) as a positioning device (Pointing device).
According to the notebook size, weight and positioning, can generally be divided into the notebook desktop replacement, mainstream type, thin, ultra-portable, mini-notebooks and tablet PCs (Tablet PC) six.

Notebook development trends
Configuration change, functional change, body thinner, lighter weight, this laptop can really reflect the so-called “notebook” feeling.
According to a media surveys, business volume of notebook computers have become smaller and smaller in the direction of the development and function and configuration and does not “shrink.” This laptop compared to Sub-Notebook (quasi-laptop), the only real sense can be regarded as notebook computers. It is reported that the notebook computer industry as the technology continues to improve, and the second-generation Centrino processor market, now 10.4 to 12.1-inch screen notebook computer is no longer as thin notebook computer that is to simplify the integration of the internal configuration, at the expense of its performance to achieve a thin body. Ultra-thin notebook computer of its internal configuration, either from the processor, memory, hard disk, and other major parts, in terms of performance not lost on those larger size laptop. Of course, to say the difference is not without, the most obvious is the general need for ultra-thin notebook external drive, because of its super-slim optical drive also does not fit. However, the so-called no absolutely everything, and some well-known brands of laptop computers can also drive within the zone, and also built-in wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivity, etc., the same compact size. However, the high-profile is not without cost, this I believe we all understand that such a high configuration laptop thin amiable its price is not necessarily, different brands of products, price range from 1,500 to 3,000 dollars, the price band than most the general size of the notebook computer is also high. Of course, these mini-notebook market is also very clear point, and its target market is always in the business travel of employees; of suppliers, gross profit margin is also higher than normal products. So buy a notebook for their own needs, not for one step, for their own on it. Mainstream notebook platform technology is: Centrino 2 technology!

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