Sustainability is many things but most of all actions. Who do week look up to when we start making sustainable decisions. Boss? Wife? Dad? Everyone is affecting everything in sustainability. In order to make a change you really have to change to whole value chain in your life. Don’t think of single actions being the good work, thing the big picture to be worth living in.

I can’t help but to wonder those people who get clear conscious by choosing the paper bag instead of the plastic one. One might have tomatoes from Brazil, frozen fish that has traveled half a glob, citrus from Spain and milk from Sweden. Still the sustainable action is to choose the paper bag.

Driving seems to be other issue. How much have we been able to reduce driving? None. It is people’s benefit – comfort zone to drive your own car from A to B and then have the transportation waiting when you leave. It should be a privilege for the people, it should not happen every day and you should not feel any ‘greener’ if the car pollutes a bit less than average.

Building (in Finnish: rakentaminen), housing and living takes a lions chunk of our sustainability issues. Energy efficiency in building is the key to sustainability. These days you tend to get good advices though from K-Rauta and you also get the tools for sustainability there.

In building and living there are also many things to consider. Is your house well isolated? Is the temperature too high? Could something be done with the windows that leak? The list really goes forever and ever but just by chatting with the staff in K-Rauta you get a clear vision of what you should be doing around the house to make it more sustainable.

See, sustainability is also a legacy we leave our children.

It can’t be anything special and we should not be rewarded for living in a sustainable way – it should be regularity. It should be the everyday life that no one even talks about. This way it would go through generations without being compromised. Don’t make a big fuzz about sustainability, just start living like you should on our planet Earth.

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