Talk time is universal. As an agent, talk time is one indicator of production. When you are with a prospect you need to be aware of the amount of time that you are taking to aid in an enrollment, send a quote, mail a kit, etcÂ…

Talk time is especially important due to the volume of calls that we make on a daily basis. There is a direct correlation to the amount of calls taken or made and the amount of sales. If you have too little talk time then you are not on the call long enough to produce a sale, likewise if you are on the call too long, then you are wasting production time and missing out on additional sales.

Idealistically, a call should not take any longer than needed to sell the person and process the application. Now those times will vary based on the product sold. However, if the team is averaging 30 minutes to take an application, and your time is an average of 1 hour, then you are taking too much time to do the same amount of work. As a result you are missing out on getting more calls. Conversely, if you are averaging 15 minutes on the phone, and team average is 30 minutes, then your production is more than likely down from the rest of the team, because you do not spend enough time on the phone.

Please note that time is a very valuable commodity. We all have a very limited amount of time. So I encourage you to make the most of it. Remember, you are the agent. You are the licensed professional and it is up to you to control your calls, and that includes your time spent on the call.

As always I am here to help. Let me know about any questions you have on this and any other sales tip topic.

J. Timothy Clark is the founder of the Clark Insurance Brokers. He specializes in helping small business owners, Real Estate agents and brokers, individuals with health problems, find health insurance for their peace of mind.

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