TalkTalk TV works through the use of internet protocol TV which allows you optimum downloads of channels so you can enjoy all your favourite programmes direct to your television sets without the hassle of satellites.

There are two main packages available which are the TalkTalk Essentials and TalkTalk Plus. Both of the two packages cater for your specific budget and provide you with a range of options on broadband and calls.

With the TalkTalk Essentials you can get unlimited evening and weekend calls in addition to unlimited calls to TalkTalk customers with a free connection. It also offers half price fees for 6 months which is another added bonus.

The TalkTalk Plus package offers 40GB download with a 24mb speed to give you fast speed downloads which is ideal if you enjoy watching movies, songs and more via your broadband. In addition this package offers unlimited calls to UK landlines and free connection when you sign up. Customers may be happy to know that they get half price off for 12 months on their monthly fee which is great if you are on a budget or want to save some money.

In addition TalkTalk TV offer over 70 different channels to choose from to cater for a wide range of tastes which include Sky Sports 1 &2 and the Sky Sports News. This is ideal for those of you who enjoy watching your sports and want the best of talk and viewing time. You can also benefit from unlimited downloads so you watch as many movies as you like.

The two packages work well to give you an all round package which caters not only for television viewing but also for fast speed broadband and excellent packages for unlimited calls to other TalkTalk customers. Another added benefit of TalkTalk is they provide you with a free wireless router which utilises Wi-fi technology.

In addition their on demand service allows you to have access to over 350 on demand programmes which include a variety of movies to select from. The on demand service gives you the choice of catching up with shows that you have missed or watching movies that you want to watch at anytime of the day.

As there is a variety of Digital TV boxes on the market one would think why you would want to get TalkTalk however there are a variety of benefits such as no box and the fact that you can watch TV directly through your landline and internet connection. This is a perfectly attractive option for those of you who want to get the best out of their calls and television viewing offering a wide range of choices and options to keep the whole family happy.

TalkTalk TV which works through internet protocol allows you to download as many channels as you can. Digital TV boxes allows you to watch HD picture quality, and facility to stop, rewind and record live tv. For more information and to compare digital TV visit

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