When adults are required to wear braces, the first thing that often comes to their minds is the negative connotation that is associated with braces. The main turn off of braces for adults is a sense of embarrassment that they feel while wearing them, because braces are usually associated with children and teenagers. The majority of adults would like to think that they will never have to wear braces, but the truth is that braces for adults are much more common in present times than they were a decade or so ago. The advancements of dental orthodontics has made it much less of a task for adults to wear braces. Not only has the look of braces significantly changed, but the overall comfort of braces has changed as well. There are a wide variety of options that adults are able to choose from when they are in need of orthodontic braces. This makes the process of getting braces a much less daunting task.

The three types of orthodontic braces that are most commonly used by orthodontists and orthodontic specialists today are traditional metal braces, ceramic braces (clear braces) and Invisalign braces. Each one of these types of orthodontic braces for adults has unique benefits that may appeal more to the adult patient.

Traditional metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic braces that patients wear today. They are very strong and rarely break because they are made of high grade stainless steel. Metal braces for adults are worn for the least amount of time among all of the different types of braces. They also tend to be a very cost effective, costing less than other types of braces. There are however several drawbacks that may steer an adult in need of braces away from metal braces. The most obvious drawback is their high visibility, when compared to their ceramic braces (clear braces) and Invisalign braces. Another significant drawback is that metal braces may be slightly less comfortable to wear at first.

Ceramic braces (clear braces) are made of translucent material and blend in well with teeth. They are also a bit more comfortable than metal braces. The only drawback is that ceramic braces (clear braces) are slightly more fragile than metal braces and the elastic ties may experience some discoloring.

Invisalign braces for adults are the most popular option among adults in need of orthodontic braces. Invisalign braces are computer generated so that they fit uniformly with the patient’s teeth. They are virtually invisible and are much easier to clean than all other types of braces.

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