The job duty of a teacher is to provide classroom instruction and schooling to individuals or groups often in a formal setting. In schools, you may teach a variety of subjects to students in the primary, elementary, high school, college, and graduate level. In other settings, you may tutor students one-on-one or teach students who are home schooling. A teacher ensures that students learn vital knowledge in each education level by preparing appropriate lessons, constantly improving teaching techniques and materials, creating a good learning atmosphere, and taking continuing education.

Job Duties of Teacher

Your main job duty is to teach students using various instructional methods and activities.

Aside from classroom instruction, you may also have to provide one-on-one teaching before or after class to students who need additional attention.

You will make appropriate lesson plans that would meet the needs of the students and accomplish the curriculums objectives set by the school and state.

You have to continuously improve instruction by using relevant advances in technology.

Create conducive learning atmosphere through effective classroom management to empower students and establish good student-teacher and student relationships in the classroom.

Your job duties include evaluating, monitoring, and encouraging the learning and development of the students as well as helping diagnose students learning disabilities.

You have to maintain regular communication with parents to discuss their childs progress as well as other concerns such as behavioral or academic problems. Communication may be in different forms, through writing, email, phone conversations, or parent-teacher conferences.

You will prepare and keep complete and accurate records of students social and academic progress as well as make necessary reports on student activities. You will assign, grade, and provide feedback on class work, tests, and homework done by students.

Help the school administration in implementing school rules and regulations by enforcing discipline among students.

It is part of your job duties to participate in school activities including meetings, extra-curricular activities, and conferences.

You also need to take continuing education and attend trainings to learn and employ new concepts, techniques, and strategies to make teaching more effective.

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