Feelings of sadness are pretty normal in adults and are even more common among the turbulent teenage years. Sadness is often the byproduct of the complications in our lives. Depression is the name we give to express feeling very sad or feeling sad for a prolonged amount of time.

Life for a teen can be complicated. There are tons of situations, events, surprises, and relationships which can cause a teen to fall into depression at times. It is hard to prepare yourself for what it feels like to be depressed and it isn’t something you can just totally avoid either. Some depression is described as being mild temporary depression, usually when it lasts less than three days, and often the best way to deal with this depression is to just let it happen and pass.

One thing that really helps when you are depressed as a teen is talking to a friend or someone who you trust. This can be an adult at school, a parent, or a teacher. Often your school will have a counselor who you can talk to and whose job it is to help you feel better. Often talking about your problems as a teen can help make them seem smaller and less daunting than bottling up your emotions.

One way in which teens can deal with their depression is by expressing it through anger. Depression is often described by psychiatrists as anger turned inward on ones self. This kind of depression can occur when a complex situation makes you feel that you are being treated unfairly, and that if you take a closer look, instead of feeling depressed you can feel angry. This can be helpful for teens because anger can be much easier to deal with than depression, although if anger gets out of control, it too can become a very big problem for teens.

There are many things teens can do to manage their feelings of depression, however, sometimes the depression has already existed too long and has run too deep to easily be dealt with.

If this is the case, it is important to talk to your parents and get help from a therapist or psychologist.

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