This in Korea less is “under”. This is a sign he will use the same wit to diffuse <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Tera Gold and more heavy danced around the absurdity of the bubble.

For several years, he in in the blog article comments social hot topics, “weeks” events, the torch relay tiger storm, wenchuan earthquake, the Beijing Olympic Games, melamine events, “wrong” event and so on, real horse also have less attention to news, choose what topic, “general with I saw the news later mouth micro zhang for the principle”. He just be touches and writing. “As for from the Angle of realistic promote the improvement of public life, say this is too serious. See some real events, I was a lazy man can’t help but full of creation, you said these things desire how such a bitch.” These articles zhuo influential, especially among young people, and even in some call it “the pride” after 80, someone should choose when mayor han han, someone said “this thing just han han comments.”

“The world logical points two kinds, a kind of logic is a logical.” China is This is the han han embracing, also can be regarded as all of his situation of the theme. The article content reveals the society over and over again in the abnormal has repeatedly to contrast, quality education especially liberal arts education in China is how of failure. His wit, humor, with <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>simple logical fully implemented the absurdity of the fact that the ability to readers of the familiar, psychological, quite dazzling, still be intellectuals underestimate. This name songjiang 2 seven subjects not pass the exam had a student who has failed his final exam freedom growth, not be bound talent. He proved that a lot of people in the brain that part of the natural order of things is not need to existing things.

He knows the knowledge of the article of why do not far, logic the most important is not even friends after them, “the story is not need,” when theories thoroughly don’t need allusions are strong.” He is young, attract young readers’ experience has scarcely the horse.

Han han used is a close to the JianBai spoken Chinese, with the <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>simple sense that, he is a use of the masters, “original” is “with its known to feed its of, well aware of the” example might not know. Discusses why to boycott carrefour and meaningless, he did not quote any about nationalism-to the theory of his academic all to no interest, you also can say he is ignorance about–he, for example, it is like a man asked blow-ups, I’m strong, I’m strong.

He would put the serious core tucked into <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Tera Gold the pulp of ridiculous. He straightforward, badly, but not much, much has a natural. If read through his blog, harsh people also will be astonished by each logical details, in every vulgar and interesting hand over, each confidence to an like and confidence to provoking tired of marginal, he almost all to do……. In view of its yield very abundant, this is a probability in the sense of achievement.

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