As one of the world’s fastest growing learning and communication platforms, enables users to share insights and knowledge, learn, translate, make connections, create, compete, play…and more. Whether you are a professor or a student, philosopher or food critic, TermWiki offers applicable features and services to individuals all over the world.

The site is founded on simplicity and general ease of use, appealing to thousands of users worldwide. The only requirement for complete accessibility is quick and hassle-free registration; within seconds, you can to translate, upload and learn terms in over 75 languages from more than 1300 industries. Knowing that you are only a few clicks away from countless terminology glossaries, created by peers from around the globe, adds an additional dimension to Termwiki’s distinctiveness. Through TermWiki’s main feature, My Glossary, terminology glossaries are more organized, succinct, and accessible than ever before.

Another unique element of TermWiki is that it helps users create a more personalized presence on the site. Every user has the option of creating a profile with contact information, choosing an avatar or personal photo to represent themselves, and even uploading a professional resume or providing a link to a personal or company website.

By creating a community that openly recognizes each contributor’s work, TermWiki provides a platform for users to not only demonstrate their linguistic and translation skills, but also to be aware of where and from whom they are getting information from. How is this done exactly? Each term and translation contribution is “stamped” with the contributor’s user name, thus linking professionally reviewed translation work to a personal profile. Once translated, terms are no longer available for other users to translate. However, TermWiki encourages teamwork and collaboration; therefore, edits are not only possible, they are a necessary feature for maintaining and ensuring the quality of the database. Additionally, terms always remain on the original translator’s list, guaranteeing that TermWiki’s user efforts will not go unnoticed. This also improves a translator’s self-marketing opportunities and personal SEO through increased internet exposure.

In just over a year since its launch, TermWiki has accumulated over 1.2 million terms and has brought together a large and varied global community of translators, linguists, language students and language enthusiasts. In fact, what Termwiki offers is so much more than a mere translation tool. It successfully manages to transform a dictionary reference into a social network that allows like-minded people to meet and interact in a number of different ways. From leaving a comment on a term page or exchanging ideas through the AnswerBea Q&A portal to generating discussions through the newly featured Forum, gives you access to it all.

Another aspect of TermWiki is the competitive thrill provided by The Language Race: a list that ranks languages according to daily total number of terms contributed. This on-going competition challenges Termwiki’s active contributors to collaborate and share, while making the most of an opportunity that will further market their skills and popularize their native languages.

TermWiki is as living and dynamic as language itself, and best of all, it is absolutely free! So what are you waiting for? Sign up on today to connect, create, and translate!

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