Being a parent is a difficult task and being single parent only acts to compound that task. There usually is no ‘significant other’ that one can lean on in times of undue stress and any parent can be assured of stressful times.

Family in particular, as well as close friend can be a life-saver to the single mother. Whether attending school to finish an education, or working to support yourself and your child, a family member or friend can be your lifeline. It is difficult enough to be away from your child for extended periods, but if your child were to become ill, the stress can be compounded to an unbearable level. Knowing that your child is in loving and caring hands will do much to alleviate that stress. During times of acute or lengthy illness, it may become necessary for you to take time off from school or ask for a period of absence from your job. School projects can be made up and in recent years laws have been passed that protect your job when missed work is unavoidable due to child illness.

There is no question that the lifestyle of a single mother is harried. Keeping up with class assignments or maintaining employment along with finding quality time for your child is difficult. Many communities offer programs that you can attend along with your child. These programs are an excellent source of comfort in regard to helpful hints in dealing with everyday unanticipated roadblocks. You can make friends here and find that many will trade off activities with you making the job of single parenting a much more enjoyable experience. The important thing to remember is if someone is willing to do you a favour during time of need, you should also be willing to return that favour. Seeking our friends with children about the same age of your child, can lead to play dates, and time off for you to enjoy some peace and quiet. Again, you should always be willing to reciprocate.

On occasion, even when a relationship with the child’s father is not feasible, there may still be open lines of communication. The father may be in a position to offer monetary child support and go a long way to alleviate this pressure from you alone. The father may also be willing to take part in the parenting of the child and be adept at spending time with the child. This would be something that only you can decide could become a well-working and amicable experience.

Children are excellent at having an innate ability to sense how a parent may be feeling and single parents are often feeling the pangs of guilt for the time they are away from their child. These feelings of guilt will sometimes make a single parent cater to the whims of their child and in no time the child is forming a realization of this. The result can often be a tantrum throwing and demanding child. The only solution to this problem is to never stop being a parent. Children also have an innate ability to adjust so get off the guilt wagon. Show your child love and spend quality time with them, but always let them know that you are the one in charge.


Colby Brister is the loving parent of one boy and one girl, he is also a writer for MyBabyBeddingShop.Com. Check out his glenna jean crib bedding or his glenna jean mckenzie or his Baby Bedding.

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