Have you ever been mad with someone for something insignificant? If you have what I am going to tell you can get you out of such a dilemma. If you haven’t, lucky you, after you read this article, you can avoid such a situation. I would like you to know that if you get mad with someone, it just prove to yourself that you care about him or at least you care about what he did to you. That is quite a good start. Because you won’t be angry with a passer-by for such a whole day, just as he stepped on your foot. You may accept his apology as the end of this unpleasant situation. What I want to emphasize is when you get mad with someone for a long time, you should remind yourself that he means something to you. Does the issue serious enough for me to lose a friend or I should just let go of it? The answer to the question is obvious enough for you to choose, the best way and the easiest solution is forgiveness. By forgiving someone, you also let go of yourself. Getting mad with someone is totally torturing yourself especially when someone don’t care about your feelings. When you forgive someone, it makes you become much more elegant than wear many luxury jewels. Maybe it is not easy to let it go, but forgiving is not forgetting. We may forgive what you did and accept you as nothing happen. For you, you had better not to do it again as we remember what we ever experienced before.
If you still have someone to blame for, just forgive him or you should start with self-criticism, whether you had done something improperly and he just revenge on you. With forgiveness, we can lead a life as the fair tale does. Everyone is good and nice without any kind of evil.
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The charming of forgiveness

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