If governance and public administration attracts you, then a SES or Senior Executive Service job might just be what youre looking at. The SES is a group of powerful public administrators in the federal government whose responsibilities lie just below the presidential functions. Well, technically it is not just below the presidential ranks but the immense power they wield, especially in governance decisions makes it a much sought after job, a federal government job.

SES Positions to Suit you

Administrators in the SES are highly paid and have bureaucratic functions; they can report directly to the president if they so wish and are a crucial link between the top and the lower levels of government. The flip side is that there are too less requirements (read: vacancies) and more applications for the post than youd think of. Only the people with the relevant experience coupled with great leadership traits get through. To be statistically speaking, there is only one appointment per position. That basically boils down to a simple thing the competition is immense!

So what do you need exactly to bag one of the most lucrative jobs in the country?

Leadership Traits: Since the appointment is at such an upper level of governance, youd surely need to hone your leadership skills. Not to mention, you should have relevant exposure and experience in governance and surely be a team worker. There is a lot of manipulation involved so you need to be a master of that too!

Motivator: A good leader is not being without a motivator. You must have excellent oratory skills and fantastic convincing skills to get your work through. People with a nationalist passion and a vision for the country will undoubtedly get preference in the selection stages.

Show that You Mean Business: When recruiting people at such high levels of government, they see and analyze the candidates mental stability, logic reasoning and rationality of thoughts. If youre faking, they will certainly see through it. However, if youre a motivated individual and can motivate and move others as well, there is no reason why you cannot be a part of the upper echelons of the federal government.

Unison: It is of utmost importance that you have to be a master communicator and should have the ability to communicate with all levels of government and governance be it federal or the state. Not to mention, you need to have good connections too! (That is certainly off the records!)

ECQ or Executive Core Qualifications

ECQ is a measure by which the testing and reviewing authority can easily eliminate and/or shortlist suitable candidates for the top job. Personality traits have already been discussed above but there are some academic qualification requirements as well.

The CCAR format gives a clear insight into how you should structure and frame your resume. The format is not only official but is a chance to market your credentials better than the best in the market! After all, youre how you market and project yourself. The better youre at presenting a convincing self, the faster will you get the job!

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