Seventeen magazine has reinvented fashion styles. It was able to gather the girls from the South to North, East to West by simply creating and publishing new trends in fashion, self expression and revolution in hairstyles and makeup. The various articles of Seventeen magazine is perfect for teens. Teenagers are looking to find their identity in a world that firmly imposes to change the way they feel and act.

There are far too many restrictions that families impose on their kids’ especially traditional parents who want to raise their children in the way of how their own parents raised them. Although it is understandable for parents to guide their children, Seventeen magazine does not aim to pollute the minds of young teenagers.

The magazine aims to present these young girls the complexities of life, whether in fashion, styles, relationships and interaction with other people. Young girls, who can see the world from the outside view or perspective, can balance their opinions and weigh their decisions on different subjects. This process can help them to improve their personalities and reinvent themselves toward the greater good.

Adolescence’s perception of the world can become broadened. They will be able to see their surroundings in another light. The articles written in Seventeen magazine can have a profound influence on how these young people see themselves as members of their community. There are many interesting topics that are featured in Seventeen magazine. Topics are about the normal issues that stir up girl’s appetite for fashion, entertainment, movies, beauty, fun games, celebrities, college life, love life, relationships and prom ideas.

Young girls are naturally vain when it comes to beauty and fashion. They want to show their best especially in parties where their “crushes” are around the scene. Young boys are attracted to beautiful girls with oozing sex appeal. That is why young girls always want to expose their beauty and fashion antics to boys that appeals to their senses. Knowing the latest fashion and style in the pages of Seventeen magazine will keep them updated and well informed.

The love life section of Seventeen magazine that features articles about flirting and dating are welcoming topics to teenage girls. They are looking for acceptance and romance. They are drawn to romantic topics and the “Get Advice” portions of the magazine keeps them busy sending their thoughts on the various problems affecting them.

There are fun portions like dress up games, relationship and style quizzes, Traumarama, fashion videos, and daring videos of “hot looking sexy guys”. Celebrity topics are not left out in teen magazines. Movie icons are their favorite people. Young and handsome looking “hunks” that are singing and dancing in online videos can make them excited.

Top Seventeen magazine will help you learn a lot regardless if you have been a magazine reader for so many years now. You can get a lot of information from the author so you don’t have to worry about where to find all the needed information that you need regardless if it will be for your personal or for your business use.

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