Regardless of the who makes up the current Administration, regardless of the popularity of a political parties the federal government must go on and continue to function smoothly and seamlessly between changes in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

The SES was created to do just that. We need executives in place in government that will keep things going even when theree are drastic changes in leadership.

The stated purpose of the SES is to “Ensure that the Executive Management of the Government of the United States is responsive to the needs, policies, and goals of the nation and otherwise is of the highest quality.”

The government is always looking for good people to fill these key positions of executives and managers.
They are looking for people who are effective at leading and motivating people. and who are results-driven, achieve their goals and have keen business sense.

These are fantastic positions to have and competition can be stiff and there are regulations that govern the
selection of people for these key posts.

The law requires that the executive qualifications of each new career appointee to the SES be certified by an independent Qualifications Review Board.

When applying for such a position you need a specific type of resume called the SES resume. The SES resume needs
to be different from the Resumix and the OF-612.

The SES Resume is written in a highly professional and detailed manner. At the heart of the document, the final
determinations are the (The Executive Core Qualifications), called ECQ’s for short.

The ECQ’s were created to assess experience and potential. They measure a candidates executive
skills needed to succeed in a variety of SES positions.

The five basic ECQ’s are:

* ECQ 1 Leading Change

* ECQ 2 Leading People

* ECQ 3 Results Driven

* ECQ 4 Business Acumen

* ECQ 5 Building coalitions

The ECQ’s are interdependent. Successful performance in the SES requires competence in each ECQ.
Successful executives bring skill in all five areas when providing service to the Nation.

The SES Resume must be written so that your competence in each area and your
ability to use these skills is shown clearly and they must communicate effectively how and why you
are qualified for a leadership role in the Federal Government. is a great resource for the job seeker. It offers job listings Professional resume writing and Distribution services. It really is a one-stop resource center for your job search needs.

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