Being a single mom is very hard especially if there are many children to raiser and support. The financial is only one aspect, but plays a major chunk of her responsibilities. With the economic crisis the world is facing now, it is even harder for her now. An added dilemma is the difficulty for her to find a decent paying job because of lack of proper education. Most companies prefer to hire people who have at least earned some units in college, which she is not qualified.
These mothers are left to accept jobs that are very low paying that is not even enough to support the familys daily needs. The root cause of all these is poverty that led to lack of education. This is the reason why the present government has taught of giving education for free to qualified mothers to help them improve their standard of living.
Mothers no longer have to worry since the government has increased the grant given by The Pell Grant. The grant is unlike student loans that need to be repaid with a determined interest rate, which leaves the mother still unable to afford her education. The Pell Grant is being awarded to eligible mothers who want to go back to college and the amount can be used to support her college education and even her personal needs.
It is very important for these mothers to understand clearly the requirements and qualifications. Once this is clear, she can already apply and once approved, can immediately go back to school. This is the best way to alleviate poverty and uplift the standard of living of many financially struggling Americans.
The Federal Pell Grant can also be used to study online, giving more mothers an opportunity to pursue her education. Online education was approved specifically for stay at home moms who still want to stay at home and take care of the kids, but cannot attend the regular classes. Through the online universities, she will be able to perform her motherly duties and yet be able to study and get a college degree. Some sacrifices are to be done to fulfill ones dreams, but once they are realized all the effort will surely pay off.

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