Freelance writing is getting more popular among the class of people who have a craze for writing. Just writing for clients for your pleasure definitely be not your aim, you have to earn your livings through your writing. You have to be paid for your work. There is always a middle point between your writing and making a living, i.e. a financial intersection. As a freelance writer you should have a clear idea about this financial intersection and how to approach it.

Internet has made things relatively easy in terms of sharing information. You can share information worldwide through the World Wide Web. Few years back, the internet marketing was done only through emails, but now back links and search engine optimization has make things quite easy to promote yourself on net. It is for this reason, the opportunities to make money online has expanded significantly. You can look for plenty of jobs that pay you for your work. You just need to know how to handle your clients.

If you want to start your career as a freelance writer, then you have to set some financial guidelines first. Never expect to become rich instantly. Making online money is a gradual process and you learn with time. First you have to make your image in the eyes of clients with your good work and writing skills. But this doesn’t mean to set your rates too high or too low. You have to do your homework, see the market situation and accordingly set your financial guidelines and sticks to them in any case. There are many writers who charge $ 1 or $ 2 for a single 500 words article. This rate is simply not enough to get your financial goals. Often clients assume this as an unprofessional rate and your work low grade. It is important for beginners to make some smart choices. There are two possible ways for beginners are given below to set their rates.

“By Word” Writing

By word writing is a phenomenon where writer charges for each word he writes for the client. Mostly, the ideal rate for beginner is to start with one or two cents per word. Although, this amount seems small, it is enough to make a good start. Never go below than this rate. If any of the jobs offers you a rate less than your set financial guideline, simply reject it. The major point here is your coolness of mind. You need to be stick to your financial guidelines in order make progress in freelance writing career.

Flat rate

Another option, which is used by most of the amateur or beginners, is the flat rate. Generally, the set financial guideline for this rate is from five to six dollars per article. It is quite reasonable as no one wants to write a 10,000 words article for five or just mere six dollars. The average length of the articles is usually between five hundred to one thousand words.

It is important to use your resources properly, don’t ever let others to take benefit of your skills by paying less to you.

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