How many of you have watched the film Iron Man? In the film we saw what I would describe as Iron Man in the form of a type of robot, big powerful and virtually indestructible. Well people this could well be the future of our western armies, a fighting force where our soldiers are not men but are instead machines controlled by humans.

Many Americans as well as men and women from other countries have died in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last few years. This disgusts and saddens the people from the countries involved and also frustrates their governments. The nation can then soon become angry at the powers at be who can then start to lose control. The way forward has to be a robot army with the back up of a small civilian army.

On the news tonight another two American robots are destroyed in a roadside bomb in Iraq! OK, whatever, who cares? Let’s face it there would be no more roadside bombs, would an opposing army also want to ambush a set of robots? I do not think so.

Computer war gaming is extremely popular in the western world and this is exactly what it would be like. Robots masterly controlled by these expert war gamers would go into dangerous war zones to smoke out the enemy. Once the initial danger is over human soldiers would then go and clean up etc.

A robot that is shot in the head or stomach can keep moving forward, unlike a human soldier. A robot can stand heat, the cold, water without discomfort. A robot does not require a back pack full of essentials and does not need expensive protective clothing.

Western countries can afford the cost, the cost of war is vast in any case and there should be no expense spared in an effort to save the lives of our men and women.

The future is bright, the future is robots.

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