The Great Alpine Road in Victoria is a sensational ride, but its one of those rides that you kinda go one way or the other as a round trip you cover the same ground. This might be fine for some that want a little predictability, but for others (like me, that want a different way to and from), you might want to make it as part of a larger trip for example, heading from Sydney to Melbourne.

The road starts at Wangaratta, just inside Victoria, and heads to Bairnsdale near the coast. It is the highest sealed road in Australia that is accessible all year, and there is plenty to see and do as you travel it. It only takes 4 and a half hours, so it can be done there and back in a day if you want to double back to Wangaratta and continue inland to Melbourne.

The good news here is that theres literally something for everyone. If youre on a road trip with your mates, then you can fish or rock climb at several spots or stay overnight and live out that school boy dream of being a boat captain on the lakes. Hire a houseboat and fish all day, and knock back a few coldies at night while you barbeque your catch. If youre with the lady in your life, then you can hire a houseboat with a spa and make it a romantic night on the water.

There are companies that offer hot air ballooning, if youre after a bit of adventure, or for some bigger thrills you can try paragliding. Sample the country life on horseback, and take in the vistas of the high country. Why not make it a weekend away and stay in a hut on a historic trail? For those of you that enjoy a bit of exercise or if you just want to stretch your legs for a few hours there are more than a few bushwalks you can stroll along, from easy to quite difficult.

If adventure and elevated heartbeats arent your thing, then there are wineries you can stop at along your way (remember to drink and drive sensibly) and no shortage of restaurants, cafes or events to take up an hour, an afternoon or a weekend. Combine a walk with a wine, and stroll from cellar door to cellar door, sampling local wines, cheeses, olive oils, fruit, baked items and fresh fish.

What boy-at-heart doesnt love a bushranger story? There are some to be told on the Great Alpine Road, and if you venture a little further afield, you can take in the tales of Ned Kelly, Mad Dog Morgan and Harry Power.

It might only be just over four hours, but the drive from Wangaratta to Bairnsdale can take as long as you like, and on your motorbike, you can be your own tour guide.

What better way to escape than on a motorcycle? The sense of freedom feels more complete on two wheels, and riding doesn’t transport you to a destination; it is the destination. When hitting the open road, make sure you have motorbike insurance. You can compare motorcycle insurance quotes online and get the policy that suits you.

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