Being a single mom or dad in these times is pretty tough, but trying to find a life partner might be even tougher these days. Single parents come in all shapes and flavors, though most of them are equal.

However there are not so different from each other and can be placed in groups, the good (give it a try) group and the No-No (stay away) group. Let’s talk about the good more reliable group. The single mother/father who left their husband/wife because he/she had an affair. They have morals and tried to save the marriage couple times but the husband or wife just didn’t try enough nor had no intentions of doing it. These parents are the jackpot. Let’s look at the person in fault, he is a definitely a No-No. You should keep in mind when dating such people and remember that people don’t change most of the time, no matter how hard you try to make them do so they might adapt but not change their habits.

Another factor you should consider is if the people you are dating still have feeling over his last relationship. That might be tricky , you need be careful as you don’t know if the person you are dating or living with is waiting for the opportunity to go back and try again with the ex, or if those are just being nostalgic and feeling sorry or angry from their past experience.

As a single parent obviously your first responsibility are your children and you already know, your next lovebird should love or at last care about them too. If they do not appreciate them in any way, you should probably try and figure out if it’s an attitude problem or they just don’t want to get “that” involved in the relationship. If the second, you already know there is a red bell ringing.

There are a lot of factors which can arise but the main point is that you should always remember what’s on your priority, the kids.

Work around that and don’t bow down to make someone happy and ignore your kids in the process. I am amazed how people still don’t understand and appreciate what single parents have been through, and how much of a gut it takes.

Always follow your instincts and the moment you notice something wrong think about it first then act. Most of the times your instincts will be right. And lastly don’t get tricked by your age, there is enough time and your time will come again!

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