Everyone loves to see lights in the sky. Fireworks have been around for a very long time, because people have always enjoyed them. In fact, it explains the close relationship between pyrotechnics and major events or celebrations.

Over the past hundreds of years, the usage of fireworks has grown a lot. Now they can be commonly seen at weddings, parades, national holidays and parties all across the planet.

Very often, the production of fireworks remains in countries such as China, Germany and Italy, who were the first countries to develop fireworks. The history actually begins around the year 100 BC. The Chinese, in this time, invented gun powder.

A quick 900 years later, and the first fireworks were being used in China. This was to celebrate Chinese New Year, where crackers were used to promote prosperity and scare away evil spirits. In this time, fireworks were nothing more than a cracker: it made a big bang and left a lot of smoke.

The first recorded instance of aerial fireworks, however, was only 200 years later. This is but the blink of an eye from a historical perspective.

It is believed that Marco Polo brought this invention to Europe, some 100 years after the first aerial display. Everyone in Europe loved them, as well as many other products from the East. Italy and Germany saw producers of fireworks sprouting up quite quickly, each trying to replicate the formula for gun powder, which was very closely guarded.

Italy was the first to really make a significant contribution to the pyrotechnics field, as they created the first aerial fireworks that were self-propelled. These were forced very high up in the sky and exploded, creating a beautiful and dramatic display just like the ones we know now.

However, between fireworks arriving in Europe and the aerial version being perfected, 500 years had passed. The displays then started to get longer in length and the colors, shapes and designs were elaborate, designed to attract more viewers.

Some 200 years later, in the modern day, pollution started to become an issue. Fireworks use some pretty strong chemicals in order to be able to make the beautiful colors they are famed for. These chemicals are harmful to human beings and the environment. Furthermore, because they use partial combustion, there is an increased problem for the environment.

Strides are being made towards creating less polluting models, but these have not been completed yet. All over the world people are still as amazed by the noise, smoke and colors of these pyrotechnic marvels, as they were 2,000 years ago.

Most people associate them with celebrations and events. Even if a similar display is held on a yearly basis, visitors continue to come and watch them, with cries of “oooh” and “aaahh” every time one of the big rockets goes off.

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