Do you want to lose fat and build lean muscle at the same time? Then look no further, Tom Venuto’s Holy Grail Body Transformation is the program you’ve been waiting for.

I tried this program before being launched to public. This ‘Holy Grail’ program absolutely works. But being a woman who adores voluptuous sensual curvy shapes, my intention is to only burn the excess body fat and not packing up six pack abs  

I don’t like this part of program ‘ Building Muscle and Losing Fat’ together. This makes a tough life for us, because I do help my friend Jon who owns 2 different programs to accomplish this. But this ‘Holy Grail’ program makes it all simple.

Losing fat is a frustrating challenge for millions of overweight people. Building muscle is downright HARD to do as well, and thousands of bodybuilders and athletes struggle for years to make gains. Doing BOTH at the same time is near impossible unless you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

The HOLY GRAIL is the type of strategic program that you NEVER discover casually on your own. It’s the result of meticulous scientific investigation combined with years of experimentation, testing and tweaking. If you get lucky and “accidentally” gain muscle while losing fat, you’ll have no clue how you did it, which means you won’t be able to do it again and you won’t be able to explain how you did it to others.

If you want the shortest, fastest, straightest path to muscle building and fat burning success, you need a guide…a plan, a roadmap… and the Holy Grail Body Transormation by Tom Venuto e-book is it.

If you’re serious about physique transformation, then grabbing a copy of The Holy Grail Body Transformation system is a no brainer decision.

What is Calorie Cycling?

With calorie cycling, you are basically eating more calories on days that you are training as compared to days you are not training. This is a basic principle which allows you to optimize your recovery capabilities, build muscle without adding any fat.

Holy Grail body transformation system (v2.0) includes:


The 8-part 3 1/2 hour Holy Grail audio edition (audiobook, read by the author)

The T.N.B. Workout Program

The Holy Grail Carb Cycling Meal Plans and

The Burn the Fat 2.0 Food Data base.

If you place your order before launch promotion ends this Oct 1st Friday night, you’ll also get the four bonus reports:

Extreme and controversial fat loss techniques

The super lean seminar

The Science of Goal Achievement

How to Measure Your Body Fat In the Privacy of Your Own Home

So hurry up, visit ‘Tom Venuto’s Holy Grail Body Transformation to review and to get it at launch price. Visit

Jennifer Parker is a yoga instructor and would like to write about how to maintain health & fitness. She likes to recommend products that works best.

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