Education is one of the main issues in Indian society. From the moment a child is born, parents and all interested people around that child start looking for his education and relevant details. Even if he or she is a child, parents believe those schools, universities, individuals, stream, employment and all those things that have the potential to affect your life at any moment the future. This is the importance of education in Indian society. When we think of great ingredients with an education in life, we can clearly illustrate the mobile nursery to primary school to higher education after graduation, masters and even, finally, finding a job. And this journey goes on throughout one’s life time.

India has been a major hub of learning since the very starting of human civilization. India is credited to introduce Gurukul system to the world. Gurukul is an educational system that symbolizes a strong bonding between Teacher and its pupil. The Indian education system is always known for its high principles and values than just mere teaching and learning procedure. This education system reflects imparting of knowledge, skills on a more personal level. Indian teachers have always been accorded the highest degree of respect. Even our scriptures say the same thing.

In fact, Indian scriptures truly reflect the basic foundation of Indian education system. We Indians have been taught to call the teacher, “guru” or master. Head guide us, show us the path. He is much more professional. Guru is a much broader concept of what is only for education and for the production of a conference. This is a wonderful tradition that makes India stand out from other parts of the management education system.

At the same time, life is so designed that we should have a fair idea of ​​all because everyone and everything in our environment affects us directly or indirectly. Thus, besides the main themes, we also tend to learn more about the cultural, sociological characteristics, environmental and spiritual, to name a few. We learned all these things when you grow up when we live in our family, our family, friends, community and our work. This is partly due to greater visibility in the world, increase awareness of problems and, ultimately, our growth and development of better people.


Ever since the evolution of education system in India, it has a long way in its development. Now, it’s not just education, it is popularly known as business management education and has helped in overall growth of a nation.

With a niche in the education field, WLCI College has campuses over 25 locations in India and Nepal and has enrolled 10,000 students so far.

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