Do you remember going to the Local Fair, Carnival or Amusement Park?  The visit was just not complete without taking a ride on the Merry-Go-Round.  You stand in line and wait your turn all the while trying to decide which Horse or other Animal you were going to claim as yours for the ride!  As the ride comes to a stop it is now your turn and you race toward the Horse you secretly claimed as yours during the wait in line.  You hop on that shiny plastic pony, you get the safety harness strapped on and you await the bell sound and music that will start your ride!  As you ride you can’t wait to pass and wave at your parents who are waiting and watching you on the sidelines.  As the breeze hits your face as the ride goes round, you get the ultimate feeling of freedom that comes along with being young and care free.  As the ride slowly comes to stop you are still feeling euphoric and wish the ride would never end!

I am sure at this point you are wondering what does this has to do with Loan Modifications?  Well, for a lot of folks this scenario is very relevant.  You see, there are many people to date that have been riding the Loan Modification Merry-Go-Round and don’t know how to get off!

The Loan Modification Merry-Go-Round usually goes like this:  You contact your Lender/Servicer, you give them financial information via telephone only to be told that you don’t qualify for whatever reason (i.e. not enough income, too much debt,).  You get off the phone with spirits in your feet and you wait a few days to try and  apply for a modification again with updated information.  The second time around you make it out of the gate and your are asked to submit the required package of information to be considered for a Modification.  After the phone call with your Lender you yell “yipee”, I am going to get my loan Modified and you feel a sense of relief! 

As the days go by you decide to follow-up with your Lender to get a status on the Modification you just know is in “the bag”.  Suzie Q Customer Service gets your call and proceeds to inform you that your Modification was declined.  Once again you spirit is in your feet, and Suzie Q says you can apply again if you like, maybe you will be luckier next time.  You hang up the phone not only with your spirit back in your feet, but this time your blood is also boiling in your veins because you just don’t get why it has to be so difficult getting help.  You wait about a week, after your blood pressure has returned to normal and your spirit has been lifted up to your chest, to call your Lender.  You are ready to get back on the ride!

This time you have a game plan, you have done some research on the internet to see what others have done to get off the Loan Modification Merry-Go-Round. You vow to yourself that this time Suzie Q Customer Service will give you the help you deserve. And if not, you will get off the ride and seek outside assistance that will benefit you in your quest to save your home.

If you are dizzy from being on the Loan Modification Merry-Go-Round too long, you have got to jump off the ride and seek help that will not have you continuously staying on a ride that may never end.

The Modification Merry-Go-Round is a ride that you can and need to control.  Just like when you were a kid, you have a choice in what Horse you ride and how long the ride should last.  Take the reigns on your situation and make it work for you.  The ride is only as good as you make it! 

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