Massachusetts is in the north eastern section of the USA. Boston is its capital and largest city. There are five counties in Massachusetts. The auto industry in Massachusetts is well defined and both buyers and sellers are protected. There is not much manufacturing in Massachusetts and most of the business is actually through dealers of both new and used vehicles.

Buying an Auto in Massachusetts

Buying an auto in Massachusetts may not be as difficult as before. This is because a lot of used cars are on the market as certified pre-owned vehicles. These vehicles have been inspected and certified by factory based mechanics. They have been given warranty and guaranteed to be as good as new. Usually it is safer to buy these vehicles as they have gone through more detailed fixing and have passed certain standards of road worthiness. They may however be a little more expensive than the regular used car.

A great way to shop for a vehicle is to check online for websites that offer a comparison for prices of the same vehicle in the same area. You could print this data and take it with you and use it as a tool to bargain for a good price with your auto dealer.

Dealers in the Auto Industry

In Massachusetts the laws are governed by the state. However a license for dealers is issued by the municipal offices. There are three different auto licenses. A class I license is required for new vehicles only, a class 2 for used vehicles and a class 3 for junk vehicles. As a new auto dealer, one has to have a contract with an auto manufacturing company. For used auto mobiles you will need to be protected from selling stolen vehicles, having an improper title, and any irregular document. For junk vehicles the dealer is allowed to buy and sell salvage car parts.

The Rules of the Auto Industry in Massachusetts

The buyers of the auto in Massachusetts are protected by the Vehicle Warranty Law and the Lemon Law. Dealers and private parties selling cars are required to disclose any defects of the vehicle before they are sold. If this is not done and your vehicle has a problem then it is mandatory that you be refunded, your vehicle repaired, or you are allowed to repurchase.

If your vehicle is not covered by the Vehicle Warranty law you could examine the Lemon Law which protects new or leased motor vehicles. The Lemon Law covers vehicles with serious motor defects, market value, or the safety of the motor vehicles.

The auto industry is definitely a safe and secure industry in Massachusetts.

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