As the U.S. economy is slowly recovering from the crisis, raising the minimum wage has been widely federal attention.

People who work full time and earning minimum wage, the federal government $ 7.25 per hour and a deficit of $ 15,080 per year, adjusted for inflation it is difficult to live, Stevens said in a greenhouse, New York Times. . The Federal minimum wage increased to $ 7.25 in 2009 and the recent legislative facing growing pressure to rise again.

“I do not know anybody who could live on $ 7.25 an hour … without doubling the housing with relatives or friends, and a very strict way of life, there is no room for error  … Yes. And emergency medical care», USD Professor of Economics Stephen Conroy said.

Legislative Assembly of Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and elsewhere, to achieve higher wages, Massachusetts, lawmakers insist on jumping even more than $ 10 per hour. This will be the minimum wage in Washington $ 9.04, which is currently the highest in the country.

These efforts by the government under the growing ability to convince Congress to establish a minimum wage increase at the national level.

“Congress adopted the final draft of raising the minimum wage in 2006, progressively higher rates for several years. Although in some states the minimum wage will increase automatically each year, the cost of living increases, federal law does not automatically growth.” Greenhouse said.

A positive effect of increasing the incomes of low wage workers is to stimulate the economy. Business does not get a job because they cannot afford to buy the brand. a higher minimum wage, however, give people more money to spend.Costs powers in the hands of consumers to increase their cash flow, which will help stimulate the economy.

But how much of an increase in the minimum wage is asking the general population?

“The Reconstruction of America Act [With the support of Senator Tom Harkin] calls for an increase in the minimum wage from the current federal government $ 7.25 to $ 9.80 – an increase of 35 percent – within two and a half years, and then indexing it. Increase the cost of living” said Dave Jamieson said the Huffington Post.

Charges have been pitched in the hope of strengthening America’s middle class.

The analysis is due to economic policy, raising the minimum wage to $ 9.80 in federal spending will grow by more than 28 million Americans and generates the equivalent of more than 100,000 full-time.

On the other hand, some argue that increasing the minimum wage will give more business rules that are trying to find jobs and harm the hard times of this recovery, John C. Randall. Johnson, senior vice president for labor issues at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, agreed with this logic.

“I think it’s well understood that increasing the minimum wage hurts workers in the bottom of the salary that he does not kill jobs,” Johnson said in an interview with New York Times.





john is writing on behalf of Washington minimum wage and texas overtime law

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